Our roller lubrication

RSM-80 roller lubrication
for oil

  • perfect in conjunction with UNI electric oilers and UNI oil droppers
  • for oiling guideways, chains, wire cables, etc.
  • dependable and cost-efficient lubrication
  • Bristles made of PA6 (nylon): up to approx. 100°C
  • V2A stainless steel bristles: up to approx. 300°C
TypeØwArt. no.
RSM 80
approx. 27

RSM-B roller lubrication
for oil

UNI RSM-B roller lubrication can be used wherever the space required for installation of the provenRSM 80 roller application is missing. Lubricant delivery is performed with protection against contamination via the centre shaft of the roller brush. The bracket, which has been designed for practical installation, also allows the roller brush to be adjusted after installation.

  • for oiling guideways, chains, wire cables, etc.
  • material: nickel-plated brass, stainless steel (V2A), aluminium
  • Bristles made of PA6 (nylon): up to approx. 70°C
  • V2A stainless steel bristles: for high temperatures
TypewØArt. no.
RSM-B 60 / 202060 
RSM-B 60 / 252560 
RSM-B 60 / 303060 
RSM-B 60 / 404060 


TypewØArt. no.
RSM-B 80 / 202080 
RSM-B 80 / 252580 
RSM-B 80 / 303080 
RSM-B 80 / 404080 

MWI 115 mounting bracket
for the RSM-B

This practical installation aid expands, by means of slotted holes, the adjusting capability of the RSM-B.

  • Surface protection by means of black stove enamelling


TypeArt. no.
MWI 115 mounting bracket for RSM-B 

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