UNI Microspray I
minimum quantity cooling lubication system

Highly efficient and cost saving - the minimum quantity cooling lubication system (MMKS) Type UNI Microspray I made by Unioeler. Less is more.

  • Proven in lubricating chains, belts and profile sections
  • Highly efficient with lubricants
  • Optimal adaptation to the respective problem is achieved by using special UNI coolants, lubricants and antifriction agents
  • Used in metalworking for drilling, thread cutting, turning, milling, sawing, die-cutting
  • Swarf-free forming of a wide variety of materials
  • Equiped with high-pressure reciprocating pumps (approx. 80 bar) in the dosing system
  • The fluid quantities are fully independent of the flow rate of the compressed air to the endpoints. The minimum quantities can not only be sprayed, but also sprayed and dripped without the use of compressed air.
  • The UNI minimum quantity dosing system comes ready for connection with the number of micro-dosing pumps, control valves and pneumatic clock generators that you require. All installed in a lockable casing with a storage tank and installed compressed air maintenance unit as specified by you. 
  • Can also be purchased in individual components. 

the 'heart' of the UNI minimum quantity dosing units are already resistant as standard to almost any type of fluid used. For very special requirements, we also supply you with our UNI minimum quantity dosing system completely in stainless steel and with Kalrez® special seals. In the case of MMKS devices, please bear in mind the capability of immediate changeover from the previously generally used pneumatic clock generators to our own technically innovative design of this component, which provides considerably more precise adjusting facilities for the required clock frequency.

Technical specifications
Microspray I - electrically driven

Tank size500 ml to 3000 ml
Operating voltage24V / 50 Hz / 24 VDC / 230 V 50 Hz / ask for alternative power supplies
Compressed air supplyQuick coupling (NW 7,2) 6 bar max. (3 bar min.)
Factory settings: 4 bar
Dosing volumeMedium: (e.g. oil ) infinitely variable approx. 3 - 85 mm³/stroke | Air: infinitely variable
Hose lengthStandard: 2,5 m (other lengths are possible)
NozzleStandard: Copper-nozzle on a magnetic foot (go to "Nozzles" for an alternative selection)
Clock frequencymax. ca. 5 Hz (infinitely variable)

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UNI Microspray I?

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