Our UNI centralized lubrication systems provide completely carefree lubrication

UNIOELER centralized lubrication systems for wide variety of applications. Combine drop oilers, oil dispensers and so on with our extensive range of accessories, making customized and cost-efficient solutions a reality for your lubrication technology. Regardless of whether you are using just a lubricating brush for the precise oiling of machines or several drop oilers for efficient chain lubrication. Regardless of whether they are manually or electrically controlled. Our centralized lubrication systems, individually matched to your application, will meet even the highest requirements: from gravity oiling to high-pressure centralized lubrication with oils and greases.


An overview of UNIOELER centralized lubrication systems

Flexibly usable and easy to operate: All components of our centralized lubrication systems are characterized by their top quality. Regardless of whether it's a question of the material used or the build quality. A UNIOELER centralized lubrication system will put you in complete control of your lubrication technology.

Piston pumps

Our piston pumps are made to transport grease and oil.


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Progressive pumps

Our  progressive pumps transport the lubricant to the progressive distributors and from there to the destined lubrication point.


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Progressive distributors

Progressive distributors branch off incoming lubricants and evenly distribute them in synchrony with the piston movements.


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