Our lubricating brushes - round

Brush bristles made of a wide variety of different materials can be supplied ex-stock or at short notice.
For example, nylon 6, brass, stainless steel, horsehair, fibre

Series SPR lubricating brushes are also available with PBT bristles (permissible for food contact). This material, with which we are familiar from toothbrush bristles, is characterized in particular by its low water absorption behaviour, which is very important in the cool zones of the food industry.

Temperature resistance

Nylon: 100°C max.
Stainless steel (V2A):  approx. 400°C max.

SPR lubricating brushes

Round lubricating brushes with brass ferrules. The standard bristles are made of PA6 (nylon), which can be used at a working temperature of up to about 100°C. At higher temperatures, V2A stainless steel bristles are used (up to approx. 400°C).

The corrugation of the bristles in relation to their length has been determined by a series of tests to achieve the optimal ratio of storage capacity (the sponge effect) to shape retention.

Bristles available in:

  • Bronze
  • PA6 nylon
  • fibre
  • ross hair
  • stainless steel V2A
TypewBristle lengthhArt. no.
SPR 6,56,55065 
SPR 16163054 
SPR 25254571 
SPR 30304571 

SPM lubricating brushes

A small lubricating brush for universal use. The brass ferrule of our micro-brush has a G⅛" thread so that it can be screwed into a wide range of customer-specific mounts and also replaced quickly and easily.

The micro-brush in combination with ⅛" pipe unions is particularly practical. Whether straight or angled - you fasten the pipe union, for example, to a copper pipe, which conducts the lubricating medium from your lubricating system to the lubrication point, screw in the micro-brush, adjust the position by way of the easily bendable pipe ... and you are finished. Brush bristles available in Perlon and stainless steel (V2A).

Temperature resistance

Nylon: 100°C max.
Stainless steel (V2A): approx. 400°C max.

TypeBristle lengthArt. no.
SPM PA6 (Nylon)15 
SPM V2A (stainless steel)30 
SPM PA6 (Nylon)
with angle tube fitting
with angle tube fitting

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