Our self-lubricating oil/grease cups

Grease lubricator 

  • Easy and reliable supply of individual lubrication points
  • Continuous permanent lubrication
  • 4 models with fixed run-times of 1 • 3 • 6 • 12 months
  • Lubricant capacity 120 cm³
  • Drive by chemical reaction
  • Easy to operate
  • Special grease/oil fillings on request
  • Filling with 7 types of commonly used greases/oils
  • Time saving compared to lubrication by hand
  • Optimized utilization of the lubricant used


Technical drawing and functional description

The SBG grease lubricator is a fully automatic and very robust lubricant dispenser that automatically supplies a wide range of lubrication points with lubricant over a predefined period of time. As a result, time-consuming checking and relubrication are no longer necessary. The capacity of a grease lubricator is 120 cc of lubricant that can be delivered over dispensing run-times of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. We have selected for the grease lubricator only high-grade lubricants with large performance reserves.

You will find a selection of our standard lubricants in the above table.

These lubricants cover most applications. The grease lubricator is activated by screwing the coloured starting cap into the bottom of the lubricant dispenser. The colour of the starting cap is the same as the activation screw that is already prefitted. When the starting cap is screwed in, the prefitted activation screw is automatically screwed in along with it and the gas generator is activated. The lubricant is dependably delivered at constant rates.

We shall be glad to provide you with advice on selecting the right lubricant and we are at your disposal at any time, if you need information relating to non-standard filling with the lubricant of your choice.

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SBG automatic lubricant dispensers?

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