Our multiple drip feed oilers

Type MTM
multiple drip feed oilers

UNI MTM multiple drip feed oilers enable you to set up simple and cost-efficient centralized lubrication systems.

  • pickled brass
  • instant cut-off ('Open' + 'Closed' function)
  • a battery of distributors (1-10 oil droppers) with regulating spindles for precise drop dosing
  • large feed pan with a dust cover
  • visual inspection of the drop fall
  • viewing glass* in acrylic glass or natural glass

* Please check the compatibility of your medium with NBR, FPM and acrylic glass. Contact the manufacturer or your medium dealer.

h viewing
MTM 140.(x)1606060140ml 
MTM 200.(x)1808060200ml 
MTM 500.(x)22010080500ml 
MTM 1000.(x)2601201001000ml 
MTM 2000.(x)3051501332000ml 
MTM 3000.(x)3351801503000ml 

(x) Required number of oil droppers (1 - 10)
** Connection thread G⅛ (inner thread)
All with fastening bolt G⅜

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multiple drip feed oilers?

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