Our greases and oils

LG 42
cooling lubricant

  • yellow color
  • medium viscous oil
  • density: 20`e / 0,92 g/ml
  • viskosity: 40°C / 41 mm²/s
  • flammable: >250°C
  • easily biodegradable

LG 42 is a mineral-oil-free, not water-miscible cooling lubricant for metal processing, like e.g. steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metals, whether filing-producing or filing-avoiding. Successfully used for:

  • saws
  • engraving
  • threaded rolling mills
  • lowering
  • shaping
  • embossing
  • pulling
  • drilling
  • turning
  • milling

Because of its viscosity and its general characteristics LG 42 is perfectly suitable for lubricating chains.

Further informations available in the data sheet.

ZM 110
cooling lubricant

ZM 110 is a not water-miscible cooling lubricant because it's almost insoluble in water.

  • yellow-brown color
  • medium viscous
  • viskosity: 40°C / 115 mm²/s
  • density: 20°C / 0, 97 g/ml
  • flammability: >165°C

Further informations available in the data sheet.

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