Our electric drip feed oilers

Type ELO
electric drip feed oilers

  • nickel-plated brass
  • for the automatic drop dosing of oil or other fluids (water and fluids on a water base must be avoided)
  • large feed pan with a dust cover
  • viewing glass* in acrylic glass or natural glass
  • Switching function:
    Main switch, PLC  or UNI CONTROL

All fluids can be dosed in drops with the UNI ELO electric drip feed oilers, provided that they are not mixed with solid matter or condensed by means of heat. Their compatibility with acrylic glass and NBR must be ensured (it is possible to use natural glass or FKM). The power is supplied directly from the main switch of your machine or via other available power circuits.

* Please check the compatibility of your medium with NBR, FPM and acrylic glass. Contact the manufacturer or your medium dealer.

Technical specifications

h viewing
ELO 40G⅛ or G¼145404036ml 
ELO 140G½AG-G¼IG1656060140ml 
ELO 200G½AG-G¼IG1858060200ml 
ELO 500G½AG-G¼IG20010080500ml 
ELO 1000G½AG-G¼IG2401201001000ml 
ELO 2000G½AG-G¼IG2851501332000ml 
ELO 3000G½AG-G¼IG3151801503000ml 

** Special threads on request

Operating voltage24V DC, 24V AC/50Hz, 110V AC/60Hz, 230V AC/50Hz, 230V AC/60Hz
Other voltages on request.
Power consumptionELO 40 - 7 VA all other sizes 12 VA
Nominal operating modeELO 40 - 100% on-time, all other sizes intermittent duty with 20% on-time
Degree of protectionELO 40 - IP 65 with plug socket, all other sizes OP 20 with plug socket

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