UNIOELER - lubrication technology made to brand-name quality


Drop oilers - piston pumps - centralized lubrication units & more

The company L.+G. Beck GmbH, based in Schwäbisch Hall, has been developing and producing oilers and lubricators since 1961. In recent decades, the brand UNIOELER has become one of the premium addresses for the development, production and distribution of lubricating products.

Our product range today includes devices for centralized lubrication, manually and elecrically controlled drop-oilers, gear pumps, piston pumps, oil tanks, storage and expansion tanks, pressure vessels V2A - V4A, level monitoring, oil and grease distributors with several different drives, grease nipples, oil level indicators and oil gauge glasses.  

Represented by the brand UNIOELER, L.+G. Beck GmbH is capable to develop and deliver individual solutions for numerous different tasks. It is no coincidence that we have been successfully operating in the worldwide market for more than six decades. This success is due to the professionalism and dedication of our employees. The same applies to the robust value system of this family-owned company, combining commercial know-how with its responsibilities as a business partner and employer. UNIOELER is able to develop and offer suitable solutions for a wide range of applications. This makes us extremely flexible and efficient. The characteristics that you, as a business partner or customer, can rely on are the reliable, prompt and worldwide supply of top-quality products from our current production! The skills of the UNIOELER team ensure this.
We look forward to soon be able to count you among our satisfied customers.

made in Germany

Experience meets

Our own production facility in Schwäbisch Hall enables us to meet the high requirements of our customers in the long term. UNIOELER not only keeps the know-how of all its employees up to date, but also maintains regular investment in its modern production facilities. What do you gain from this as our customer? Perfected and long-lasting products, together with the comprehensive support of our dense network of partners.

Comprehensive solutions

Cost-effective lubrication systems for all plant and machinery

Thanks to our broadly diversified product portfolio, we are able to implement suitable solutions for a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether it's a question of drop oilers, reciprocating pumps or centralized lubrication units, the UNIOELER team of experts will ensure that our customers are supplied promptly with lubrication products of the highest quality. All our products are available in perfectly coordinated combinations.

universal use

Flexible lubrication technology that meets any requirement

UNIOELER oilers are used in many sectors of industry. They are found wherever performance and reliability matter. Whether in metal machining, a sawmill or agriculture, our team offers you comprehensive lubrication technology for the highest degree of efficiency. Incidentally, our devices not only dose oil and greases, but also other similar media.