Type 125/475 - our electronic lubricant dispensers


UNI lubricant dispensers

  • Electronically controlled, variable adjustment times
  • With or without a cable
    for synchronizing the lubricant supply
    with the run-times of the machines being maintained.
  • Standard filling with lithium complex grease;
    a high-performance grease for many sectors.  
    We do, of course, also offer you
    a comprehensive range of lubricants.

Our technical advisers also recommend environmentally friendly, biodegradable lubricants labelled with the blue angel.

Electronically controlled
UNI lubricant dispensers

Characteristics and advantages of the UNI lubrication systems:

  • Automatic lubrication
  • Lubricant feed adjustable and changeable at any time
  • Visual inspection of the level
  • No lubricant loss
  • Pressure 0.2–3 bar
  • Weatherproof, watertight and corrosion resistant
  • With a micro-switch:
    switches on, off and over
  • Functional checking by signal light
  • Temperature resistant from -30°C to +60°C
  • Explosion-proof, PTB–BVS, ATEX tested
  • UNI lubricant dispensers are available in 2 sizes:
    Types 125 and 475
  • Increased machine service life as a result of the continuous lubrication
  • Easy installation
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Cost saving
  • Greater efficiency and economy
  • Optional:
    ► Synchronization with the machine run-time
    ► Level control
    ► External power supply


UNI lubricant dispensers
Types 125 / 475

Here are some recommendations for this:

  • First of all, lubricate the bearing point with a grease press
  • Fill the lines with lubricant
  • Fit the lubricant dispenser and turn the DIP switch to 'ON
  • Extension for grease lubrication to approx. 0.5 m is possible using a hose or pipe
  • For oil lubrication up to approx. 2 m
  • Recommended inner diameter for lines 6 to 8 mm
  • For oil filling, set an approximately 40% longer run-time because there is less resistance. A check valve is advisable
  • Use only one grease/oil cup per lubrication point
  • At temperatures above 55°C, distance the lubricant dispensers from heat sources using a pipe extension


After installation, you have to reckon with a lead time of 6 to 8 hours for the necessary pressure to build up. To do this, set all switches to 'ON'. Then set the required duration.

Guide value comparison between a hand lever press and the electronically controlled automatic system of the UNI type 125 lubricant dispenser.

The clear advantages of UNI:

  • time savings
  • quantity consistency
  • reliability


2-3 days
14 days
Greese presses
hand strokes
30 days60 days90 days180 days360 days
4,00 cm³2,10 cm³1,30 cm³0,70 cm³0,35cm³
Equivalent to
greese presses
by hand


In the following tables you will find seven examples of 25 possible settings for the lubrication amounts and supply times of UNI lubricant dispensers. The settings can be changed at any time. Synchronization with the machine run-time is possible. These are empirical values.


Type 125
Lubrication ammount
per 24h
Lubrication time
until empty
60,17 cm³18 month
50,35 cm³12 month
40,70 cm³6 month
31,30 cm³3 month
22,10 cm³2 month
14,00 cm³1 month
Alle Schalter9,00 cm³14 days


Type 475
Lubrication ammount
per 24h
Lubrication time
until empty
60,60 cm³18 month
51,20 cm³12 month
42,50 cm³6 month
34,50 cm³3 month
27,50 cm³2 month
114,00 cm³1 month
all switches34,00 cm³14 days



Filling-level monitoring

The solenoid sensor detects the position of the discharging piston. At a medium residue amount of 5%, the message 'empty' is sent to the machine control unit, which then draws attention to itself by means of a signal lamp, loudspeaker or control command.

  • Contact-free and wear-free detection of the piston end position
  • Insensitive to dirt


 Type 125Type 475
Operating voltage10 - 30 V DC10 - 30 V DC
Ambient temperature-20 °C - +70 °C-20 °C - +70 °C
Degree of protectionIP 67IP 67
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