Our brush holders

brush holder /
bulkhead fitting

  • nickel-plated brass
  • brush and nozzle holder
  • bulkhead fitting
  • axially adjustable by means of a long thread
TypeLengthThreadArt. no.
PHA 6060G ⅛ 
PHA 8080G ⅛ 
PHA 120120G ⅛ 

MWI 75
brush holder

  • stainless steel 1.4301
  • Suitable for PHA brush holder
  • pivotable via oblong hole
  • for mounting lubricating nozzles or brushes
  • screw connection ⅛"
TypeLengthWidthArt. no.
MWI 757540 


  • nickel plated brass
  • brush and nozzle holder
  • pivotable
  • axially adjustable in a pivotable clamping device (plastic)
  • for fastening to a TSC 11 mounting rail
TypeLengthThreadArt. no.
PHB 6060G ⅛ 
PHB 8080G ⅛ 
PHB 120120G ⅛ 


  • brush and nozzle holder for Microspray
  • Axially adjustable in a rigid clamping device (plastic or aluminium)
  • For fastening to a TSC 11 mounting rail
TypeLengthWidthThreadArt. no.
PHC 606030G ⅛ 
PHC 808030G ⅛ 
PHC 12012030G ⅛ 

TSC 11
mounting rail

  • suitable for PHB and PHC
  • galvanised steel
  • stainless steel (V2A)
  • standard length 1 m
TypeLengthArt. no.
TSC 11 
1m or 2m

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