DRB pressure vessel

  • Material stainless steel:
    1.4301 V2A or
    1.4571 V4A

The special advantages:

  • Vulcanized foot sleeves (dia. 216, 237 mm) or frames made of stainless steel (dia. 237 to 550 mm) to protect the underbody
  • Handle on the top plate (dia. 216, 237 mm) and two hand holes in the upper frame (dia. 237 to 550 mm)
  • Easy filling through a large oval opening or screw cap
  • Inside closure that cannot be opened when the tank is under pressure. With a pressure relief valve
  • Alternative connections with quick-connect valves or reducing pieces (see illustrations)
  • Serial number stamped into the tank for easier identification
  • Permitted temperature range: -10 bis 50°C


 DRB 205DRB 210DRB 219
Diameter220 mm220 mm220 mm
Height253 mm365 mm628 mm
6 bar6 bar6 bar
VA 1.4301VA 1.4301VA 1.4301
Art no.   

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