Our UNI lubricant dispensers

In addition to our other lubrication concepts, UNIOELER offers high-quality lubricant dispensers at a fair price. No matter what requirements you place on our automatic lubricant dispensers, Stauffer lubricators or spring-loaded oil cups - we are there to support you as a reliable partner at all times: starting with the first requirement analysis with our sound advice. Depending on the type, oil cups supply oil or grease precisely to the individual lubrication points.



UNIOELER lubricant dispensers at a glance

UNIOELER has many years of experience in the production of lubricant dispensers. This enables us to offer you not only first-class products, but a comprehensive complete package as well: Thanks to our own production facilities and our modern plant and machinery, together with you our team of experts are able to implement any requirement.


SBK spring-loaded oil cups

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Spring-loaded lubricant dispensers

200 - 700 series

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SBS oil cups

Type SBS spring-loaded steel lubricant dispensers for grease

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Disposable lubrication cups

SBG automatic lubricant dispensers for grease and oil

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Type 125/475 Electronical lubricant dispenser

Type SBE electronically controlled lubricant dispensers for grease and oil

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perma lubricant dispensers

perma single-point lubrication system

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simalube lubricant dispensers

simalube single-point lubrication system

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Stauffer lubricators

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Compact centralized lubrication units

Top performance with our compact centralized lubrication units: even temperature changes can't manipulate the greese flow.

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